eCommerce, the way forward?

With the state of the countries finances, it’s no wonder less people are taking to the high streets.

It seems, every time I go shopping I see another boarded up shop front. Another business that just couldn’t keep up.

One method of buying that seems to be going from strength to strength is online shopping, lets face it, sometimes it’s easier to do it in a few clicks, rather than dragging junior (what’s the female version of junior?) around the aisles kicking and screaming, not to mention the parking!

Getting your goods online can be relatively painless;

  • Target audience, this can create, real focus for how you advertise and the look and feel of your project.
  • Take photos of your products, or maybe you can get images from your supplier’s catalogue.
  • Think about how you’ll acquire payments, most people go for PayPal, but remember they take a slightly higher per transaction charge than most payment gateways.
  • Advertising is another important factor; think about advertising off, as well as online, Google addwords can be of benefit. Think about websites that your customers will go to and approach those websites for advertising space. Other avenues can include Radio, Leaflets and sponsorship of local sports teams.
  • A well designed/developed site can make a real difference, your customers being able to traverse your website easily. To know where they are and can find what they are looking for by having clear navigation and product filtering.
  • REMEMBER! You need to have a budget, put time and money in to building your online brand!


Posted on: June 17th, 2013
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